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The International Litigation & arbitration department won a historic victory before the ICJ

The International Litigation & Arbitration Department of Sygna Partners, headed by Pr. Jean-Marc Thouvenin, just won a historic victory before the International Court of Justice in the Certain Iranian Assets case

The International Court of Justice ruled, on 30 March 2023, that the United States, through its laws, regulations and judgments, violated Iran's & its companies' rights that are protected by a classic Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation dating from 1955, and therefore owes it compensation.

Sygna Partners handled the logistical and administrative management of this case. Jean-Marc Thouvenin advised the client from start to finish and litigated the case, alongside Pr. Alain PELLET, Vaughan Lowe, and Sam Wordsworth, KC, Sean Aughey and Luke Vidal.


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