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Restructuring & insolvency

Since its creation, Sygna has developed a strong experience and know-how in the field of diagnosis and restructuring of companies. The team has experience in the prevention tools necessary for the anticipation and management of business difficulties. It assists its clients in all stages of their mutations, within the framework of amicable or judicial restructuring. Sygna Partners cooperates with other consulting professionals (tax advisors, chartered accountants, receivers, experts, etc.) in order to offer the most efficient services and solutions to its clients.

The team :


Founding Partner

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Prevention and legal restructuring

Sygna brings a personalized advice regarding the persistence of the economic difficulties met by its clients, under the aegis of the Commercial Court and in partnership with legal auxiliaries, in the following procedures:
  • Ad hoc mandate,

  • Conciliation,

  • Safeguard, judicial recovery,

  • Judicial Liquidation


Sygna supports its clients in the reorganization of their activities :

  • Determination of the origin of the economic difficulties

  • Redefinition of functional activities : transfer/ acquisition/ takeover

  • Optimization of intra-group relations

  • Implementation of new rules of governance

Social restructuring 

Sygna offers its clients social restructuring measures adapted to their situation:

  • Discussion with staff representatives and unions

  • Internal reclassification

  • Economic redundancies or job protection plan





Search for industrial or financial partners 

Sygna assists its clients in the search for solutions and new partners, industrial or financial, investors or buyers :

  • Preparation of business plan

  • Relationships with financial contacts

  • Advice in legal operations

Financial restructuring 

​Sygna assists its clients in renegotiating the contractual terms of their banking commitments (in particular rescheduling agreements, relaxation of covenants). Sygna intervenes and represents its clients before financial and administrative operators (taxes, social contributions) including thethe CCSF or the URSSAF.

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