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Sygna's Newsletter on International Arbitration – 2nd Semester 2021

Paris has, historically, been considered attractive as an arbitral seat notably because of France’s arbitration-friendly legal regime. Given that the field of international arbitration is in constant and rapid development, the objective of Sygna Partners’ newsletters is to maintain an updated record of French arbitration practice and case law.

For this edition, prepared with the assistance of Lefa Mondon, Joséphine Kerdiles-Lebouc and Léa Gagnepain, Sygna’s International litigation and arbitration department focused its analysis on six decisions, rendered during the second semester of 2021: one from the Cour de justice de l'Union européenne, one from the French Court of cassation and four from the Paris Court of Appeal.

These decisions deal with a series of interesting issues related to international arbitration, including but not limited to, the review by the French judges of the jurisdiction of an arbitral tribunal, the enforcement of awards against sovereign assets and the interplay between international sanction and international public policy.

The International litigation and arbitration department of Sygna Partners, headed by Professor Jean-Marc Thouvenin and Luke Vidal, has a specific activity of international jurisconsult and international counsel to States, administration and companies in the field of public, economic and commercial international law.

Sygna, Newsletter Arbitration, 2nd semester 2021
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