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Sygna assists Tenzing in obtaining its "benefit corporation" status

Since 2019, French corporate entities that include positive social or environmental impact as one of its missions can obtain the "société à mission" status, similarly to the benefit corporation certification in the United States.

Sygna Partners has been working with Tenzing SAS since 2016 in order to give its social mission a legal status, with the first step of Tenzing being recognized as being an "économie sociale et solidaire" (social and fair economy) company.

In the first quarter of 2020, Sygna Partners supported Tenzing in the legal definition of its commitments and mission in order to obtain the status of "société à mission". With this approach, Tenzing SAS, a social and solidarity economy company, takes a new step forward and becomes the first consulting firm with a social interest mission. Sygna Partners' team was composed of Sabine Larmonier, Partner, and Ines Boubaker, jurist. Sygna Partners' Corporate Law division, led by Sabine Larmonier, advises companies, particularly in the SSE sector, in their development and restructuring projects (acquisitions, disposals, internal growth, equity investments, fund raising, etc.).

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