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Pleadings before the ICJ, Ukraine v. Russia

Jean-Marc Thouvenin, partner of Sygna in charge of the International Litigation and Arbitration division, advises and assists Ukraine before the International Court of Justice in its dispute against Russia. Pleadings on preliminary objections were held the week of June 3, 2019.

In this case, Ukraine considers that Russia has not respected its commitments to fight against the financing of terrorism and to suppress racial discrimination. According to Ukraine, Russia does not address the transfer of funds from its territory to groups that carry out attacks against civilians in eastern Ukraine, including the missile launch on MH-17 in 2014. Ukraine also claims that Russia is pursuing a discriminatory policy in the Crimea.

For its part, Russia contests the ICJ's competence to settle this dispute. These preliminary objections were the object of last week's pleadings.


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