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Pleadings before the ICJ in the Sovereign Rights case (Nicaragua v. Colombia)

Jean-Marc Thouvenin, partner at Sygna Partners in charge of the International Litigation and Arbitration Department, is advising and assisting Colombia before the International Court of Justice in its dispute with Nicaragua.

Oral pleadings on the merits of this case will take place from 20 September to 1 October 2021, during which H.E. Manuel José Cepeda Espinosa, Co-Agent of Colombia, as well as Michael Reisman, Rodman Bundy, Sir Michael Wood, Eduardo Valencia-Ospina, Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, and H.E. Kent Francis James, counsel and advocates, will intervene alongside Jean-Marc Thouvenin.

In this case, Nicaragua brought a claim before the Court alleging that Colombia had failed to respect its sovereign rights and maritime spaces in the Caribbean Sea. In response, Colombia contended that the facts alleged by Nicaragua in its Application instituting proceedings did not constitute violations of that State's rights. Colombia also raised two counterclaims, one relating to the failure to respect the historical fishing rights of its island populations in the Caribbean Sea by Nicaragua and the other to Nicaragua's drawing of an illegal straight baseline system in the same maritime space.

Sygna Partners' team consisted of Jean-Marc Thouvenin, partner, assisted by Luke Vidal, partner, and Lefa Mondon, lawyer.

The International Litigation and Arbitration Department of Sygna Partners, headed by Jean-Marc Thouvenin and Luke Vidal, has a specific activity of international legal consultancy and international advice to States in the field of public international law.


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