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Jean-Marc Thouvenin to counsel Ukraine before the ICJ

Sygna Partners supports and stands with Ukraine and its people against the brutal and unlawful agression suffered at the hands of the military forces of Russia. In collaboration with the other members of Ukraine's counsel team, our partner, professor Jean-Marc Thouvenin, has assisted in the filing yesterday of an application instituting proceedings before the Cour internationale de Justice (CIJ), regarding the gross manipulation by Russia of the notion of genocide to justify its aggression against Ukraine.

This application is based on the 1951 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and is complemented by an urgent request for provisionnal measures, asking the Court to order the Russian Federation to immediately suspend all military operations in the sovereign territory of Ukraine. Given the utmost urgency of the situation, Ukraine and its counsel have respectfully asked the Court to consider, hear and adjudge this request as soon as possible.

Jean-Marc Thouvenin, Luke Vidal, Lefa Mondon, Kateryna Romanenko, the other members of the International litigation and arbitration department as well as of the other departments of Sygna Partners express their great concerns about the dramatic events taking place in Ukraine right now and for the safety of the Ukrainian people. They recall the foremost necessity for the rule of law to prevail in international relations as in all situations.

The International Litigation and Arbitration Department of Sygna Partners, headed by Jean-Marc Thouvenin and Luke Vidal, has a specific activity of international legal consultancy and international advice to States in the field of public international law.


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