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Helen de Larrinaga and Romain Pieri, new Sygna partners

Since 1st January 2020, Helen de Larrinaga and Romain Pieri have been members, as partners, of the management board of Sygna Partners. This appointment is part of Sygna's development and promotion project in which Helen de Larrinaga and Romain Pieri will actively participate.

Romain Pieri joined Sygna in October 2014 after practical and academic experiences in the field of international law. He has developed a jurisconsult activity before international tribunals. He will co-lead the international and European litigation department of Sygna Partners alongside Jean-Marc Thouvenin.

Admitted to the Paris Bar in December 2012, Helen de Larrinaga, after having worked as general counsel in a Franco-Luxembourg aeronautical group in 2019, will lead the contractual negotiation and project financing department of Sygna Partners.

Sygna Partners is delighted with this new partnership. It strengthens its team and responds to its desire to adapt to its environment by offering complementary legal expertise. it will enable it to support its clients over the long term and through privileged partnerships.


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