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Practice areas

Sygna Partners offers complementary skills to companies in various fields of law, and particularly economic law. It assists its clients' growth in their legal environment as well as in their strategic decision-making, notably during times of change or crisis.


Sygna Partners' clients include small and medium-sized companies, groups and listed companies, as well as foreign States. The firm has acquired a significant experience in various sectors such as the French Social Solidarity Economy, communication technology, media, finance and aviation, and has solid experience in the practice of international litigation.

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The firm

Sygna Partners was founded in 2004 by Nathalie Rigal and Caroline Edwardes-Ker with a focus on corporate law.
It has chosen to remain an middle-sized structure (20 lawyers) in order to build strong teams composed of complementary talents and skills, adapted to its customers’ needs. It has also built partnerships with other consulting professionals (tax advisors, chartered accountants, legal representatives, experts, etc.).

Our philosophy

Sygna's expertise is based on legal knowledge, know-how and experience shared within its teams; supported by a continuous monitoring of legal news and updates; and combined with regular practice with judges and other professionals. Sygna also participates in a reflection on the legal profession echoing in its practice and from which one main lesson can be drawn: the lawyer is both a counsel and an auxiliary of justice. The advising mission requires a good understanding of situations and effects, a risk analysis and the capacity of making proposals that will inform and facilitate the clients' decision. As an auxiliary of justice, a lawyer must, through its interventions, deontology and ethics, participate in the regulation of the economic and social life of its clients. He or she must remain open and curious, understand the environment and the context of the situations on which he or she is solicited and share his or her convictions.


"The lawyer, is first

and foremost,
 an adviser"

Nathalie Rigal

Founding Partner



Office Manager

Messaoud Zazoun


Anaële Genet


Arthur Fontaine


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Sygna Partners is constantly looking for new talents, particularly student lawyers or trainee lawyers, who are keen on developing their qualities and autonomy by fully integrating into a young and dynamic team.

Student lawyers and trainee lawyers will have tasks corresponding to their level of training and specialization. Their mission will be to draft legal notes and assist the lawyers in their cases. They will have the opportunity to draft acts in company law, draft conclusions and writ of summons, follow procedures to prevent corporate difficulties or participate in the development of legal strategies.

Please feel free to send your résumé and a cover letter to the following address:



If you wish to contact us or make an appointment with one of our lawyers, please use the following contact details:

Sygna Partners

Société d’Avocats

4 rue du Colonel Driant

75 001 Paris

+ 33 (0)1 70 39 39 39