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Individual and collective labor relations
& restructuring

Sygna provides its clients with the skills of recognized professionals, who have both consulting and litigation experience in labor matters. It offers constructive solutions that specifically meet the needs of companies of all sizes: ETIs, SMEs, listed groups. It also intervenes in the framework of the social management of companies in difficulty and assists both managers and judicial representatives. At the same time, Sygna assists executives and senior managers in the development of their professional careers, both in contractual and litigation matters.

Our team :



Our expertise

Social life companies

  • Drafting and negotiation of collective agreements (profit-sharing, incentive schemes, gender equality, etc.)

  • Implementation and monitoring of relations with employee representatives, finalization of contracts and special clauses (competition, intellectual property, software, etc.)

  • Training and mastery of tools on working hours

  • Anticipation and management of individual and collective litigation

Assistance to executives

The team also assists its clients, individuals, with their careers, hiring and departures, drafting their contracts, anticipating and managing difficult litigation. It assists them with management packages, share allocation plans and career management.


Restructuring linked to company relocations, mergers, transfers or downsizing in an in bonis context (internal and external redeployment searches, job protection plans, contractual severance agreements, personnel transfers).

Companies in difficulty

  • Social audits, drafting and implementation of employment protection plans

  • Social management of takeover bids, transfers or liquidation

  • Negotiations with social partners and external organizations (labor inspectorate, DREETS, outplacement firms, etc.)

  • Assistance to executives, HR, corporate representatives, interim managers, ad hoc representatives, conciliators.

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