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Sygna assists and advises its clients in their disputes. Working in all areas of economic and social life, its team has solid litigation experience before all French and European jurisdictions. It cooperates with other legal and consulting professionals (tax specialists, accountants, experts, notaries, bailiffs) to offer the most effective services and solutions. Always on the lookout for innovative solutions, Sygna Partners’ litigation team handles strategic and complex cases.

Our team :



• Our expertise 


Sygna provides personalized advice in all types of disputes between its clients and :
  • Their business partners;

  • Their landlords or tenants;

  • Their customers;

  • Their competitors;

  • Their employees;

  • The State in its regulatory role.

Amicable solutions

Whenever it is possible and desirable, Sygna advises its clients around amicable solutions :

  • The collaborative process provides an alternative means of resolving disputes within a contractual, transparent, fair and confidential framework ;

  • Mediation puts the parties in the presence of an independent, neutral and impartial third party to help them find a mutually satisfactory solution ;

Appropriate legal proceedings

When it is necessary, Sygna implements the appropriate legal procedures :

  • Standard fast-track procedures, expert appraisals;

  • Before civil, commercial, labor, administrative, social security and local courts, at first instance and on appeal;

  • Monitoring the enforcement of judgments and out-of-court settlements.

Customized support

Sygna offers its customers support that meets the challenges of their projects :

  • A referral lawyer, familiar with the issues you bring to us, ensures the continuity of your case;

  • Availability according to your needs;

  • Establishment of a due diligence schedule;

  • Transparent billing (time spent, fixed rates, result-based fees, etc.).

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