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Merger and acquisitions, Company Law

Sygna assists its clients in their daily legal and social environment. It provides advice and assists them in their development and restructuring projects including mergers, acquisitions, disposals, internal growth, equity investments, fundraising, etc.

Incorporation of companies, associations and foundations, drafting of corporate documents, audit

Corporate restructuring / disposals, mergers, demergers... (financing and investment, capital transactions)

Shareholders relation, dispute prevention and resolution

Employment law (formation and termination of employment contracts, assistance in personnel management, transactional negotiation).

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Restructuring and companies in difficulty

Since its creation, Sygna has acquired specific know-how in the field of preventing business difficulties. It offers customized solutions to companies in difficulty under the aegis of professionals and judges. This last competence completes the range of legal services offered by Sygna to companies:

Preventing business difficulties : ad hoc mandate, conciliation, provisional administration, “protection and safeguard procedures” (“procédures de sauvegarde”)

Insolvency proceedings (judicial reorganisation, elaboration of restructuring or sell-off plans, support of managers, assistance of potential bidders)

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Contractual negotiation and regulations

Sygna advises companies in the field of national and European Competition Law. Specialised in Financial Law, Sygna assists its clients before regulatory authorities.  

Competition/Anti-trust : Notification of concentrations, regulation of restrictive or unfair practices, cartels, state aids.

Distribution : creation of commercial networks, commercial agents, franchises

Financial Law : Financial markets and regulations, payment instruments, electronic money

Intellectual property: Trademark Law, infringement actions.

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Commercial dispute resolution

Sygna assists its clients in the negotiation of contracts and partnerships. It provides counseling in commercial disputes and has extensive experience in litigation before courts, regulatory authorities and arbitration courts.

Contractual negotiation: negotiations, drafting of preliminary contracts, contracts and memoranda of understanding)

Prevention of contractual disputes: analysis of the disputed contracts, risk mapping and analysis of the chances of success at litigation, negotiations

Litigation: Development of tailored judicial strategy, drafting of briefs and arguments, pleadings

Enforcement procedures: real estate and shares seizure, seizure-award, precautionary measures

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International litigation and arbitration

Since 2006, under the impetus of Jean-Marc Thouvenin, Professor of Public International Law and partner, Sygna has developed the specific activity of international jurisconsult and international counsel to States in the field of public international law. In recent years, it has been involved in inter-State litigation, before international and European courts including the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

International Public Law (disputes before the International Court of Justice or other international jurisdictions, international arbitration)

Disputes before the European Union judges (action for annulment, action for compensation)

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